About Me

I am comfortable with abstract thinking, which helps me color the walls of the future with the texture of quality. A computer programmer and consultant with conscience, I want to innovate healthcare technology from pill to process, patient to provider, and everywhere in between.

I love working to provide technical solutions to aid in healthcare delivery, research, methods and education. In my role currently, I implement and provide support for our RAVE electronic data capture platform as well as our Centralized Analytics. Whether it's writing custom function scripts, designing forms and fields in our interface or getting you the answers you need, I am your guy.

Having been a manager, tutor and instructional assistant in the past, I've really fallen in love with cooperative learning and personal development. I also have a great interest in all facets of data science, machine learning and technical interface design. I am all about anything science or music related, and my love of literature extends throughout. Behavioral economics and game theory, human factors, computational neuroscience and informatics are at the forefront of my desired fields of study and work down the line.

Contact Details

(732) 406-1929


Rutgers University

Master Of Information in Data Science and Technology, Information and Management May 2018

Coursework involved machine learning, data analysis and curation, interface design on mobile and web devices, database design, technology and management, leadership and project and knowledge management. I was also a part of a new biological archiving class that will be coming to a MOOC near you. I have served as a TA in the undergraduate program, further strengthening my skills as an educator.

Rutgers University

Mini MBA in BioPharma Innovation December 2017

This program helped bridge the gap between scientific success and corporate goal seeking from real world industry professionals. It gave a new competitive aspect on concepts and impacted learning through real world case studies. I gained a greater appreciation for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology and the business management concepts to communicate to clinicians worldwide.

Rutgers University

B.A. Degree in Information Technology and Informatics May 2017

I have a specialization in Game Design and Innovation. I have created detailed infographics, multiple independent programming projects, a board game, multiple video games and apps and website designs using an array of interfaces and languages. Check out a snap shot of my portfolio below or check out my linkedin.

Rutgers University

B.A. Degree in Psychology May 2017

Coursework included neuropsychological analysis, psychometrics, behavioral analysis, lab work in neuropsych, dissections, social psych, industrial organizational psychology and cognitive methods. I got a chance to write a lot of great papers and participate in some great knowledge sharing sessions.


Medidata Solutions

Product Owner, RBQM February 2020 - Present

I actively engage with a team of world class engineers, designers and testers on multiple interrelated products supporting Risk Based Quality Management. My work allows me to tell the story of what our internal and external stakeholders need and help curate and craft deliverables to meet those needs.

Medidata Solutions

Implementation Consultant February 2019 - February 2020

I advise clients and internal staff on best practices for implementing Medidata’s software platform. I actively translate customer needs into system functionality across a variety of our proprietary platform offerings, including Rave and CSA I help to resolve issues in implementation and ensure an easy go live for clinical and pharmaceutical research, while abiding by Medidata SOP’s and CDISC Standards.

Medidata Solutions

Associate Implementation Consultant December 2017 - February 2019

I advise clients and internal staff on best practices for implementing Medidata’s software platform. I actively translate customer needs into system functionality across a variety of our proprietary platform offerings, including Rave and CSA. I help to resolve issues in implementation and ensure an easy go live for clinical and pharmaceutical research, while abiding by Medidata SOP’s and CDISC Standards.

Rutgers University School of Communication and Information

Instructional Assitant/Grader January 2017 - Present

I maintained the course website and module delivery, aided in restructuring of material, distributed materials and aided in instruction and grading, whilst responding to student problems or questions in a timely manner. I made time outside of class to assist students in understanding course material.

Spring 2017
Information: Policy Politics and Power
Object Oriented Programming

Summer 2017
Object Oriented Programming

Fall 2017
Object Oriented Programming

Spring 2018
Retrieving and Evaluating Information (Grader)

Medidata Solutions

Professional Services Associate July 2017 - December 2017

I worked in the Professional Services department, where we employ our SaaS software to automate the worlds clinical trials in an effort to be the most innovative cloud company in the Life Sciences.


Test Engineer October 2016 - March 2017

I ran an array of tests to aid in IP patent monetization. Many tests include measuring consumer electronic signals using an oscilloscope and other analyzers to capture data and organize the outputs for presentation design.

Gold Group Enterprises

Research Assistant July 2016 - August 2016

I was a researcher working on background research for multiple projects. Tasks included research and writing, connecting with industry professionals and project design, management and marketing, as well as application prototyping.

Rutgers University School of Communication and Information

Research Assistant June 2016 - December 2017

I was a member of the Behavioral Informatics Lab at Rutgers University. The project I was working on dealt with social cooperation and familiarity of users in a virtual setting. My work includes research design, application prototyping, user research, analytical methods and research writing. I was also a document coder for the EPIK project in the summer of 2016. This work dealt with legislative decision making with regards to obesity.


Shift Supervisor/Coffee Master March 2016 - October 2016

I maintained operational excellence in deploying team members to tasks on the sales floor. My main responsiblities were for daily ordering and opening/closing procedures of the store, as well as daily maintenance and cleaning of the store and displays. I was also a pride outreach coordinator. Continued work on beverage crafting and customer satisfaction was key to my success in this role. I held the position of coffee master, which allowed me to lend my skills and knowledge to anyone who wanted to know more about the coffee process from bean to cup.


Barista/Barista Trainer July 2015 - March 2016

I ensured operational excellence in crafting handmade beverages and preparing pastries and food items for customer consumption. I maintained store displays and continued machine maintenance to ensure proper functioning. I acted as a barista trainer and certified maintenance tech, responsible for system maintenance on machines, and for engagement of trainees prior to certification.

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A & P Supermarket)

Cashier/Deli/Seafood Associate August 2013 - June 2015

I was cross trained in multiple departments. I handled sandwich crafting, delivery platter construction, frying and food prep for hot lunch takeaway, daily maintenance on machines and cleanliness, store stocking and inventory management and strong customer service skills for high volume interactions.


I have a lot of skills I can offer companies and Social Collaborators! Heres a few.

  • Web, Interaction and Graphic Design
  • Data Analyis, Database Design and Programming
  • Technical Writing, Project Management and Social Media
  • Customer Service, Team Leadership and Public Speaking
  • Teaching and Tutoring
  • Electronic Data Capture and Protocol Design